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5 reasons to hire an Influencer

Reasons to Hire an Influencer If you’re a Brand, you must have wondered about whether or not you should hire an Influencer for your business marketing. The debate was controversial initially but there’s a clear-cut yes in the current era due to these 5 simple reasons to hire an influencer. 1. Cost-Effective Marketing The most […]

5 key tips for Digital Marketing on Twitter

Digital Marketing on Twitter Since 2006 when Twitter was launched, it has constantly shown promising possibilities in the world of casual and professional networking. With around 192 million daily active users, Twitter has got the amazing potential to help you grow your Brand with consistent efforts and a Digital Marketing master plan. Let’s break this […]

10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn Marketing Tips With nearly 700 million active users, LinkedIn indeed highlights its position among the list of top Social Media platforms in 2021. But, this is not the entire picture. LinkedIn is the top globally acknowledged professional networking platform, therefore if you’re an entrepreneur/founder, there’s a lot of potential to explode your Business growth […]

4 Growth Hacks for Instagram

Insta growth hacks

Growth Hacks for Instagram Yes, you read the title correctly – Growth Hacks for Instagram! You’re about to get some valid fist of Growth Hacks for boosting your Instagram game. Disclaimer: You need to put in your efforts Instagram has been proving itself promising in terms of the Influencer market and Personal Branding besides Brand […]

How Much Do Influencers Charge Per Post On Various Platforms

How Much do Influencers Charge Per Post? The amount influencers charge per post depends on a number of variables. It is uncommon to discover an influencer who costs a flat fee because they frequently base their fees on what brands are willing to spend. Charges may be affected by a number of things, including: Based […]

Influencer Marketing FAQs

1. What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that uses a celebrity or influencer to drive brand awareness and sales. These “influencers” are often well-known individuals who have a large following on social media, and who may have influence over their followers’ purchasing decisions. The goal of influencer marketing is to […]

Top 20 Youtubers in India & How Much They Earn!

Top 20 Youtubers in India

Top 20 Youtubers in India & How Much They Earn! There is currently no other platform on the planet that is as rewarding for sharing videos or advertising as YouTube. There has never been a website in the last decade that allows us to become popular overnight and earn money online simply by uploading videos. […]