Latest Instagram Trend Report 2023

Latest Instagram Trend Report 2023

Welcome to Instagram’s Trend Report, a data-driven guide to cultural and social trends as defined by Generation Z. We’ve gathered the key issues and leading creators that will drive and shape culture of the year 2023

While this edition of the Trend Report covers topics such as fashion, beauty, web3, dating, and more, community and connection are at the heart of it all.

The 2023 Trend Report was created in conjunction with a large-scale study of Instagram Gen Z users. Instagram measured the topics, issues, and trends that matter most to teens across the platform in collaboration with WGSN* in October 2022.

Lets’s Checkout The Latest Instagram Trending Report 2023


1. Recycle, Reuse, and Reconstruct.

In 2023, Gen Z creatives intend to take control of fashion.

Sustainability is a major concern for Generation Z. As environmental concerns grow, DIY clothing provides a more sustainable alternative to fast fashion. More than half of Gen Z respondents in our survey said they intend to DIY their clothes in 2023.

Gen Z is frugal and thrifty, with plans to cut back and get creative.

Rising costs haven’t spared Gen Z consumers; more of them plan to thrift their clothing in 2023. When asked what they would do if a clothing item was out of their price range, more than a quarter of Gen Z buyers said they would go thrifting.


2. Climate and Expressive Beauty

Makeup and beauty products are a form of self-expression for Generation Z.

More Gen Z consumers are likely to use makeup to express their personalities rather than to enhance their sense of beauty. Expect to see Generation Z wear

They can wear experimental and expressive makeup looks wherever they feel most at ease.

Climate change is driving Gen Z shoppers to purchase protective skincare and beauty products.

Two out of every three Gen Z shoppers intend to purchase skincare or beauty products that offer sun and weather protection. Climate-proof products are being sought as a result of issues such as rising air pollution and intense UV rays.


3. Alt Takes On The Metaverse

Gen Z intends to create a more recognizable world.

In the metaverse, Gen Z can create new worlds, and they expect to express their uniqueness and commitment to equity in digital spaces. In the coming year, 67% of Gen Z users believe avatars should better reflect diverse body types, clothing, and skin tones.

Virtual influencers provide genuine motivation.

In 2023, more than half of Gen Z social media users expect to get fashion or beauty inspiration from digital avatars or influencers. AI beauty and fashion continue to pique the interest of Generation Z.


4. The Financial Renaissance

In 2023, nearly two-thirds of Generation Z intends to make money through social media.

Content creation isn’t just for professionals. This year, 64% of Gen Z social media users intend to monetize a project.

Financial literacy is a critical skill for Generation Z.

Gen Z is known for taking the initiative, and having strong financial skills is a surefire way to achieve success. Over 85% of Generation Z intend to learn a new skill by 2023, and one in every four teen social media users wishes to improve their financial skills.

The year of the side hustle is 2023.

Teens use Instagram to turn their passion projects into a source of income. While a sizable portion of Generation Z hopes to monetize their Instagram accounts, nearly half of the creators say they create content to express themselves and have fun. *Expect your interests to evolve into side hustles.


5. Cultural Curiosity: Participatory Global Eats

Gen Z is learning about culture through food.

After discovering food from another culture online, 68% of Gen Z social media users will either continue or would like to try it. Instagram, through creators and viral food content, serves as a gateway to other culinary cultures for Generation Z.


6. Creator Trends: Community Over Everything

In-person interactions will foster community among creators and Gen Z fans.

The realization of their digital relationships excites Gen Z, social media users.

Almost a third of Gen Z users look forward to in-person interactions with their favorite influencers, such as creator conventions and meet and greets.

Mixed media will dominate content creation in 2023.

The next generation anticipates that their favorite influencers will branch out into new forms of media.

In 2023, for example, more than 40% of Gen Z followers want to hear podcasts from their favorite social media creators.


7. Return of the Rave & Rise of Global Beats

The year 2023 is all about the rave.

Raves are about being present at the moment, reconnecting with others, and letting go, and Gen Z is ready to rave in 2023. Music events, such as raves, are popular places for Gen Z to unwind: 68% of Gen Z social media users plan to attend or want to attend a rave in 2023.

Music allows Gen Z listeners to express themselves in a way that is universal.

The next generation is embracing global music and a broad view of world sounds. According to our research, more than half of Gen Z respondents intend to listen to non-English-speaking artists in 2023. KPOP and Latinx music are still driving culture on Instagram.


8. Your 2023 Dating Profile

Everything is in the DMs.

Online, Generation Z breaks the ice. More than half of Gen Z social media users believe they are more

Being vulnerable online and via text is more comfortable than being vulnerable in person. DMs and messaging on Instagram continue to drive connection and conversation between friends and love interests.

Instagram is the newest dating app.

The days of endless swiping on dating apps are over. In 2023, Gen Z intends to use platforms such as Instagram for dating and connecting. There’s no need to swipe left or right anymore because DMs and messaging provide more transparent, honest, and direct communication.

Making a statement with memes.

When asked if they’d ever send a meme as a first message to a match on a dating app, nearly half of Gen Z social media users said yes. However, 39% of respondents said that having poor meme taste makes their crush less appealing.

The stars had aligned.

As star-crossed lovers, Gen Z is very interested in astrology and horoscopes. When asked if they would date someone with an incompatible astrology chart, nearly half of Gen Z social media users said no.





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