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5 reasons to hire an Influencer

hire an Influencer

Reasons to Hire an Influencer If you’re a Brand, you must have wondered about whether or not you should hire an Influencer for your business marketing. The debate was controversial initially but there’s a clear-cut yes in the current era due to these 5 simple reasons to hire an influencer. 1. Cost-Effective Marketing The most […]

How Much Do Influencers Charge Per Post On Various Platforms

Influencers Charge Per Post

How Much do Influencers Charge Per Post? The amount influencers charge per post depends on a number of variables. It is uncommon to discover an influencer who costs a flat fee because they frequently base their fees on what brands are willing to spend. Charges may be affected by a number of things, including: Based […]

Guide to Getting Sponsorships on Instagram

Introduction While scrolling through our Instagram feeds, don’t we all feel slight envy when we see A-list celebrities and major social media influencers partnering up with the big brands and making money for advertising their products and services while getting to try them out for free? Getting to work with top brands and making money […]

Popular Brands that Thrived with Influencer Marketing Strategies


Introduction In the past few years, the social media influencer industry has come up and revolutionized the way that brands and businesses advertise and market their products and services. When used efficiently and effectively, influencer marketing can do wonders and significantly increase the number of interested or potential clients and customers. With proper strategies and […]

Branding for Start-ups- Developing your Initial Brand Strategy and the Benefits of Digital Marketing

Branding for Startups Brand Strategy

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising strategies, digital marketing has an edge since it allows targeted customer acquisition with fewer efforts and affordable prices. With numerous personalized strategies available, digital marketing is more personalized and can cater to the targeted audience with ease. The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent each day since more […]