Guide to Getting Sponsorships on Instagram


While scrolling through our Instagram feeds, don’t we all feel slight envy when we see A-list celebrities and major social media influencers partnering up with the big brands and making money for advertising their products and services while getting to try them out for free? Getting to work with top brands and making money is a dream come true for a lot of people in this age of Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Instagram Sponsorships for Small Accounts

Gone are the days when brands only sought after extremely popular influencers with a long list of followers. Under the Instagram sponsorship program brands now search for micro or nano influencers within the exact niche or industry since then they have to shell out less money and yet reach the right audience in the target demographics. Micro-influencers are low-budget and offer high rewards aspects for every business. Usually, Instagram accounts that are extremely popular are less interactive, when compared to Instagram accounts with a lower number of followers from the ROI point of view. There is less engagement for accounts having millions of followers but when you have a limited number of followers, your response will be instant and the engagement metrics will be better and also easier. Instagram sponsored posts nowadays come with brand + influencer collaborations. This is an integral part of all businesses to thrive on Instagram.

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram

Understanding what content on your Instagram posts pleases your audience is not enough. You need to delve deeper and learn how to make your posts connect with them better with your product or services. It is important to figure out and come up with a plan to ensure correct evoking of emotions based on their specific age range, location, gender distribution, and learn and analyze from your post-performance. Numerous apps help you collaborate with marketers and influencers to promote your brand. Influencer platforms popularize your name in the influencer shopping market place, as a result, the brand sponsorships across major social media platforms start noticing you. Get in touch with your favorite brands without any hesitation to pitch your idea. You can also tag their brand name, account, or handle with your post. With an influencer’s content idea, you get relevant and genuine sponsorship for your Instagram posts. Tagging brands in your posts is the perfect stepping stone to getting brand deals. Not only will the brand receive a notification and see your post, but people who are interested in the product or service can also inquire in the comments. Don’t forget to use proper Hashtags, Geotags, and Brand Tags since these are valuable Instagram tools.

What Brands Look for in Instagram Sponsorships

Brands consider many factors when looking for influencers for their Instagram sponsorship or collaboration program. A few of them are:

Instagram sponsorship would become easy when you will clearly explain brands about your followers’ needs and likes. Knowing that you have a better understanding of the niche and kind of audience will score more brownie points with the brands willing to collaborate with you.

Influencers gain popularity and get more followers on their Instagram accounts when they stick to something specific. Whatever your “thing” is, focus on it and run with it! This will help you narrate your story and captivate your audience.

Having a dedicated audience is necessary to gain Instagram sponsorship for small accounts and larger-scale social media influencers, too. Having a well-built audience is essential! Loyal followers in a niche market are more willing to put trust in you and engage. That leads to more sales on Instagram and the growth of your brand.

First impressions are everything. Pick a flattering photo that makes you look approachable, yet professional. You can even use filters and Instagram color themes on your Instagram feed to make your profile memorable and unique only to you.

Be sure also to clearly define your purpose and explain who you are in your bio. People want to know who they are following. They also need to understand why they should follow you in the first place! You want people to reach out to you, so make sure you include contact information like your email address, and links in your bio, too!

Being consistent is essential. Explore posting to Instagram daily. Posting once a day will increase your chances of getting brand deals and getting more followers!

If you plan to post multiple times per day, try to keep them spaced throughout the day so your posts don’t have to compete with each other for engagement. If you’re not routinely posting, people may forget about you or unfollow – not something potential sponsors want to see!

Plus, the Instagram algorithm likes brand new, fresh, high-quality content. Your posts will be more likely to be featured if you keep them frequent and consistent. Use your Instagram analytics to figure out when the best days and times are to post and work it into your posting schedule.

Rules for Pitching Brand Deals on Instagram

Explain who you are and what you do. Let the brand know what your specific niche or industry is and why you would be a beneficial asset to them.

Include relevant data, such as follower count, engagement rate, and other vital insights. This helps show why you’d be a great choice to promote the brand. Your stats also show you know what you need to do it successfully!

Make unreasonable demands. You should know your worth and be confident in asking for what you think you deserve. But you need to be realistic, flexible, and open to discussion.

Rules for Instagram Sponsorship Program

If you’re telling people about a few brands that you wish to collaborate with but you’ve got no direct relationship with the brands as of yet, you don’t need to worry about letting your followers know.

Upon getting any kind of financial compensation from that brand, you must mention it somewhere in your advertising campaign and so that people understand clearly. You have to ensure that it’s hard to miss. You can’t hide it in hashtags or put it in your about me section. If you’re creating sponsored content in Posts or Stories, the disclosure has got to be properly visible.

If you are doing an IG Live, posting a video on your IGTV or YouTube channels, you’ve got to verbally mention it. You should convey this disclosure using the same language as your endorsement deal.

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