4 Growth Hacks for Instagram

Growth Hacks for Instagram

Growth Hacks for Instagram

Yes, you read the title correctly – Growth Hacks for Instagram! You’re about to get some valid fist of Growth Hacks for boosting your Instagram game.

Disclaimer: You need to put in your efforts

Instagram has been proving itself promising in terms of the Influencer market and Personal Branding besides Brand promotion.

If you’re someone who has just started off and is looking for some insights for relatively faster growth, you’re in the right place.

  1. Presenting yourself in Comments

Now now, it’s not about the comments on your posts, rather commenting on posts made by successful Influencers from your field will increase your odds of getting discovered by people who keep scrolling through the comment sections of their favorite person.

Saying so, you should try to engage and interact in the comment sections of Your idols/people who are relatively more successful in terms of numbers. Doing this is a proven way to bring in some traffic to your profile without even paying something for that free self-promotion.

The key to this is keeping your username and profile picture attractive as well as relevant to the work that you do and what your target audience demands.

Growth Hacks for Instagram

2. Ask and it shall be granted

Becoming a successful Influencer takes a lot of guts and shamelessness at times too. If you just rely on people finding you themselves, then my friend you’re gonna stay behind.

Try asking your known Instagram pals to put your posts in their stories, and trust me they will help you.

It is human nature to help someone else feel good.

Someone else sharing your posts has a far greater weight than your self-promotion activities.

For instance, your audience reaches almost becomes at least 2x for each share you get from someone.

So, the rest of the calculation is simple math.

3. Collaborating

In this modern era, competition is indeed stiff but people are way more collaborative too.

Try to collaborate with Influencers who are relatively at par with you.

Doing this will add up the reach of your collaborator to your portfolio and it’s a great way to portray your trait of being a fair player to your audience.

Growth Hacks for Instagram

4. Consistency

I know that you have heard it probably a million times by now, but just hear it once more a little extra vividly – There’s no alternative to Consistency.

If you want success in any field whatsoever “Consistency” is an inevitable growth hack.

Yes, it is a growth hack due to the fact that it is not common practice.

History is proof that people who have consistently put the effort into anything that they do, succeed and leave the non-consistent ones behind.

Conclusively, Keep moving and try to implement these 4 classified Instagram nuggets of Marketing to yield a fine growth curve.

We hope this article – Growth Hacks for Instagram has assisted you in comprehending the key principles of the growth plan.

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