How Much Do Influencers Charge Per Post On Various Platforms

Influencers Charge Per Post

How Much do Influencers Charge Per Post?

The amount influencers charge per post depends on a number of variables. It is uncommon to discover an influencer who costs a flat fee because they frequently base their fees on what brands are willing to spend. Charges may be affected by a number of things, including:

  • Potential audience size and involvement of the influencer
  • The platform they use
  • How much work must the influencer put in
  • Where the advertisement will run
  • Influencers with an influencer marketing agency pay agency fees.
Influencers charge per post

Based on the platform and number of followers, influencers charge the following amounts:

Instagram ($10/1000 followers)

Instagram, which has more than 1 billion users and 80% of whom follow businesses, is synonymous with influencers. Additionally, it’s a reasonably priced channel, costing $10 on average every post for every 1000 subscribers.

Here are some of the rates of an influencer with more than 1000 followers for your insightfulness:
An influencer with 10,000 followers can demand $100 for each post.
An influencer with over 100,000 followers might want $1,000 each post.
While a blogger with a million followers can demand $10,000 for each article

Remember that this price range is flexible. For instance, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson costs $1.5 million while Cristiano Ronaldo charges over $1.6 million each Instagram post. The explanation is obvious given that celebrities frequently raise their asking rates due to their reputation outside of Instagram.

Although you would receive unprecedented exposure from celebrities, it is frequently preferable to collaborate with an influencer in a specific sector of your industry. As opposed to celebrities, these influencers stick to the $10/1000 followers pricing point and talk directly to your target demographic.

Influencers charge per post

Twitter ($2/1000 followers)

Here are some insights:

An influencer on Twitter with 10,000 followers might demand $20 per post.
A user with 100,000 followers might want $200 for each post.

Nevertheless, an influencer with more than a million followers might want $2000 for each post.
However, there is a caveat: Influencers with a million or more followers may choose not to use this price point. They have a huge following and are undoubtedly widely known outside of social media, almost on par with celebrities.

However, since their followers frequently have a diverse range of interests, working with them wouldn’t be more beneficial in the long run than concentrating on a subset of your audience that mid-tier influencers can target.

Influencers charge per post

YouTube ($20/1000 subscribers)

In addition to Instagram, another popular medium that gives companies access to a whole new group of influencers is YouTube. YouTube boasts more than a billion subscribers, making it the preferred platform for businesses trying to promote

YouTubers with more than a million subscribers, nevertheless, frequently stray from this cost. Depending on the value they are bringing, they choose to bargain a better deal with the brand. Here is the pricing range you may expect to pay :

A YouTuber with 10,000 subscribers might demand $200 for each video.
If a YouTuber has 100,000 subscribers, they might charge $2000 per video.
If a YouTuber has a million followers, they might charge $20,000 each video.

Please be aware that a YouTuber with over a million subscribers has more control over their charges. Depending on the brand they are working with, they may potentially charge up to $50,000 each video.

How Much Should You Budget for Influencer Marketing?

While there are ways to lower the cost of influencer marketing, it’s crucial to pay your influencers a sum appropriate with the value they contribute. They would be eager to collaborate with you on future projects after you paid them what they were worth.

There are alternative compensation structures you may use, such as an affiliate network where your influencers receive a commission for each convert, so it doesn’t always have to be monetary.

If you and your influencer decide to use performance-based pricing or a one-time charge, you will pay them according to the value they generated. In such instance, you will pay more if the influencer exceeds your expectations.

Working with influencers is enjoyable, especially when they are mid-tier and operate in a certain area of your market. By doing it that way, you can obtain a lot without spending a fortune. Even so, since influencer rates vary widely, you should bargain and design a reasonable contract.

Nothing makes your influencers happier than getting paid right away for a job well done. You might be tempted to pay each influencer separately if you’re working with more than one of them. However, automating the payout procedure will save you time, money, and hassle.

Influencers charge per post

Final thought

Knowing all the relevant information, including audience size, content style, social media platform type, desired media quality, and engagement rates for the influencers you want to work with, is the first step in paying influencers. Once you are aware of these variables, you can develop transparent and fair pricing.

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