Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

Instagram isn’t something new to most Internet users but only a few genuinely are aware of its Marketing potential especially in and after 2021.

No matter what Business you have, Instagram can be a great tool to maximize your promotional impact in this era when almost every potential prospect is scrolling feeds and engaging with their favorite posts.

Here are some quick Marketing nuggets for Beginners who aspire to approach Instagram as a Marketing Tool:

Switch to Business Account

Most new users are totally clueless about the existence of Business Accounts in Instagram. As a professional, you should switch your ordinary profile to a Business profile.

Switching into a Business account comes with a good number of benefits upon normal accounts, one of which is the Business tools which can be used to increase reach of posts and Profile.

Instagram business tools include features like adding contact information, viewing insights about your posts and followers and promoting posts from within the Instagram app and even shopping on Instagram.

These extensive features enable you to grow your Business by active Marketing, which means that you will be able to track engagements and not just make content on instincts and wait for a miracle to happen.

Use Instagram Stories

Can you guess what people do first after opening their Instagram app?

Yes, they check the “Stories” section of their homepage.

This is primarily because Stories are easy to consume and short pieces of updates from their favourite people.

As a Business, you should not ignore this catalyst of profile and post visits.

Saying so, the underlying fact is that you can almost double up the reach of the content that you upload by just adding stories about them.

Besides, Instagram Stories is a great way to keep that connection blooming with your audience and followers.

Make use of new features

The latest feature of Instagram is Instagram Reels. Having succeeded from its big brother IGTV, Instagram Reels is a great tool for Start-ups and Businesses to attract the Young audience towards their Brand and products.

Reels are primarily short video content under the time limit of 15 seconds.

While this sounds too small to be able to express your Marketing call, you should be aware of the Attention Span of people these days.

Researches have proved that the average attention span has reduced down to as low as 8 seconds, which is indeed a scary fact.

Consider concentrating your efforts in creating that crisp and short under 15s video to Market your Business.

Use Hashtags effectively

One of the commonly known “Reach-Generator” in Instagram is Hashtag. There are innumerable of them for various Industries and purposes but choosing the right ones for yourself is the tricky part.

You can use a maximum of 30 Hashtags on your Instagram posts and experts recommend all 30 to be used. Research your Industry online and shortlist the Hashtags of various frequencies (Extremely High to Medium and Low) and employ a mix of them to be used with your posts.

Preferably 20 high frequency Keywords with 10 medium to low frequency ones blend well to give sound results.

Hashtags will increase the chances of your posts getting discovered by relevant people who are already interested in your domain, therefore using them judiciously can be a lead to generate conversions.

Post user generated content

A majority of Instagram users are ordinary people who are out there to get some dopamine hike and kill their boredom. Having said so, they are likely to trust the testimonies of people like themselves and not any professional Business representative pitching his Brand out there.

Try to influence ordinary people with the recommendation and reference from ordinary people who have already used your Business.

The genuine experiences and testimonials of your Customers serve as a better Promotional content in comparison to the professionally created Marketing content from your Business.

Create sponsored content

Business Accounts come with the feature to promote and target your paid content to your desired audience groups.

Having said so, posting Sponsored content shall be a great way to get a genuine ROI since the audience pool isn’t random but your strategically targeted prospects.

Sponsored content looks just like ordinary posts just with the Sponsored Label as the point of separation.

They can also include a call-to-action button to drive traffic or conversions.

In concluding this bite-size Beginner Guide to Instagram Marketing, it is no doubt that Businesses have reached heights through this amazing tool that has endless possibilities. Moreover, 2021 and hence shall see a further upriser in Social Media traffic which can be a great impetus to new Businesses to get their Marketing at really reasonable Investments.

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