How to promote your YouTube channel for free?

how to promote your youtube channel for free

YouTube is no more just a Video sharing platform, it has become a much broader concept so much that ‘career as a YouTuber’ is seen as a job in modern society.

If you’re aspiring to grow your YouTube channel and searching for some reliable ways to promote your YouTube channel free of cost, you’re in the right place.

Let’s delve into the 6 proven ways on how to promote your YouTube channel for free.

Optimize Your Video Titles

The very first aspect for your videos to get discovered on YouTube and Google searches is their “Title”.

This is a very organic way to get free promotion from YouTube itself.

It’s basically the usage of SEO on your video titles.

Research the most relevant and frequent keywords that comply with your video content and draft those words in your Video Title.

This will not only make YouTube push your content to people searching for them but also will show up in Search Engine results if your keywords are relevant.

Another side to Optimizing Video Titles is in making them informative and attractive.

It goes without saying that people won’t view your content if they don’t get driven towards it via a catchy Title. Therefore plan and implement a suitable Title that can align with audience interest.

Utilize Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the key to inducing any person scrolling through YouTube feeds to click and view your Video.

While it’s an all known fact, it is not a common practice that people work on making a great and relevant Thumbnail.

It costs no money to challenge your own creativity, therefore create an appealing thumbnail for your Video even before uploading it actually.

Designing and using custom Thumbnails are very important for people who want to take up YouTube as a profession.

Just make sure of this checklist about your Thumbnails:

• Eye catching

• Simple and to the point

• No fake information

• Clear and Visible Keywords

Grab Viewers’ Attention Right Away

The first few seconds of your Video is very crucial and making it attention grabbing is the only way to ensure that viewers tag along and consume a major part of the video.

In this era of nutsized attention span, very rarely do people view an entire Video without shifting their focus.

It is therefore very important to make the beginning of your content as interesting and audience engaging as possible.

Basically, just pour out all your creativity and talent into the first few seconds and there you got your video watched.

Promote Yourself on Other Social Media

YouTube is not an actual Social Media platform, it is rather one for creating and uploading videos. Having said so, you need to leverage the promotion of your YouTube content through other Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Social Media platforms provide you the power to push your own content out there and increase your reach.

Create your YouTube channel’s presence across your Social Media profiles. This is a great way of actually serving as a free gateway for adding up numbers to your YouTube channel and it’s content.

Plan in terms of playlists

Playlists are quite an ignored segment of YouTube for most beginners.

Playlists make it easier for viewers to navigate through your content which makes your channel user friendly.

Also, planning and creating your videos as per playlists helps you to group them into relevant Heads which serves as a medium for Advertising multiple videos together.

Embed your videos on your website or blog

If you have your Website or own a Blog, you should make use of the privilege of embedding and showing up your YouTube videos on them.

Using Auto-Play in those embedded videos can raise up your YouTube numbers but focus on showing helpful and audience demanded content in your Website/Blog. This shall improve your impression on the Website visitor besides promoting your YouTube channel.


These are just a few among the numerous ways on how to promote your YouTube channel for free, but implementing these shall be one of the best ways to see noticeable results.

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